Wednesday, May 04, 2011

CHROME DIVISION - 3rd Round Knockout

Chrome Division is the perfect example of how good music knows no time borders, or never sounds outdated. The band consists on members from other bands, mostly of the aggressive territory, but performs an mixture of old school Heavy Metal, with a modern finish. Heavily influenced by the Motorhead music and their whole attitude in general, the band performs a kind of music that could easily be Motorhead on a truck with no breaks on a downhill. It's Heavy, it's melodic, with excellent vocals, killer guitar solos and riffs, and a very infectious groove. There are times where the band has a more aggressive approach to the music, but always sticks to the same pattern. But above all, it has the dirty Rock 'n' Roll feeling that everyone expect from such a release, and we all love to listen to. Ideal for drinking with friends, for listening while driving, and specially for being performed live. No less good songs here, nor things that could be done in a better way. No matter what style of Metal you are into, you will find things to like on this album. There's also a very interesting version of Johnny Cash's Ghostriders In The Sky, to spice things up a bit. Check them out, and listen to the album carefully.


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