Thursday, May 26, 2011


To be honest with you, I listened to this album at least five times, very carefully, before I made up my opinion to write down these words. Hammerfall are for sure, one of the best Power Metal bands all over the world. When a new release of the band is coming out you are absolutely sure of the result. Wrong! From the first look at the cover, you understand that something different has come out. No knights, swords and battles. Just a desperate hand behind a broken window. So what is going on? The whole effort has two parts. The first part has the well known sound of the band with power riffs and beautiful solos and the other present us an experimental side of the band. Before you doom them, listen to their work. Maybe you’ll find difficulties to get used to this but it worth to pay attention. Hammerfall prove that they have innovative ideas and they can make more complex songs without loosing their power metal character. The only objection that I have is that rotation from Power to experiment confused me a little bit. Thank God the voice of Can is still in very high level. Strange album, I have to say, but beautiful.


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