Monday, May 09, 2011

NERVECELL - Psychogenocide

I was always fascinated by bands that come from places with strong musical cultures. This is the case here, since the band comes from Middle East, Dubai to be more exact. The band is playing an mixture of Death and Thrash, very technical and complex, but also catchy enough so the album doesn't get boring from the constant changes. What amazes here is the drummer, and the rhythm section in general. It sounds like a machine, absolute perfect from the first to last minute, despite all those changes and complexity. The vocals are very good also, brutal enough, but fitting perfectly with the music, so are the guitar melodies. Another strong point of the album is the groove of the music, and fans will find themselves moving their heads along from the first moment. The production is exceptional, clear enough, yet preserving the power and the atmosphere of the album. If I may express one small wish though, is that I would like to see, some more experimenting with oriental stuff, since the opening of the album sounded very promising. In any case, the album is very good, strong and solid all the way, and will please any fan of the genre. Check them out .


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