Monday, May 16, 2011

TAROT - The Spell Of Iron MMXI

This is the latest release of the Finnish band, although it's not a new album but a re-record of their classic "The Spell Of Iron" which was released back in the mid 80's, plus the MMXI which means 2011 in the Roman way of counting, as a quick searching revealed to me. The band is playing Heavy Metal along with some Power Metal influences. The songs are very catchy, heavy and groovy enough, and full of nice melodies which are equally important here. Despite some influences here and there, to the already established names of the 80's, this album has a lot of good ideas. It's full of nice music, there are no fillers, well maybe except one instrumental song, and all have a personality lots of bands searching but never manage to achieve. The production is very good, clear, powerful, and as heavy as it should be. Although sometimes there is an old fashioned feeling to the whole album, the majority sounds fresh and up to date. With music full of energy and groove, with arrangements that stick into your mind, excellent vocals, crunchy guitars and a solid rhythm section, it's more than just a release of a debut album. It's, as the title says, what the band played back in the 1986, given through a 21st century perspective. Check them out.


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