Monday, May 16, 2011

U.D.O. - Rev-Raptor

The vocals of this gifted German singer are so distinguished that are a trademark even to those not into Heavy Metal. Everybody is aware of the history of UDO, and like it or not, his works are acceptable by the majority of fans, despite the genre they are into. The first thing that we noticed here is that this album progresses fluently, with in-your-face Metal, catchy choruses, a tight German rhythm section, and plenty of killer melodies. The music is catchy, made for head-banging, and is moving one step ahead from where Dominator stopped. There are no weak moments here, not things that the listener would wish to be left out. Every song has it's own energy and feeling, and even the slower moments feel like the calm before the storm. The production is excellent and the recordings were done in the ROXX studios. What is important here, is that the music is honest, there are no tricks or things to deceive the listener. Although it might sound like an album that is predictable, the case here is exactly what the listener expects from an artist of the caliber of Udo. And above all shows that energy of creating good music is a talent. So, grab some friends, some frozen six pack lager beers, and enjoy.


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