Thursday, June 30, 2011

BLACKGUARD - Firefight

This band here comes from Canada, and exists for about a decade. Not being familiar with their music, I didn't know what to expect, and the result was a punch in the face. Being a huge fan of the Finnish Death Metal scene, I am glad to discover that there are talented bands outside the Europe, capable to deliver one of my favorite styles. Blackguard are playing a mixture of Death and Thrash Metal, with tons of melodies, touches of Epic stuff, catchy hooks, great guitars, and excellent vocals. The song tempos are varying from mid to furious, and the whole result is so catchy, that takes only a few seconds to start banging you head along with the rhythm. The vocals a varying from Death Metal growls to high pitched screaming and this fits perfectly with the style of the music. We also have to mention the rhythm section, which is very good, and the female drummer, which is a surprise. The songs are well written and perfectly performed, with no less good moments, maybe except the instrumental. The production is shinny and heavy enough, and is another big plus for the album. If you like bands like Children Of Bodom, Norther, or the combination of melodic lines along with aggressive and fast performance is fascinating you, then check them out.


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