Tuesday, June 21, 2011

BOREALIS - Fall From Grace

Canadian Metal scene has a way of creating bands with unique, top quality sound, so Borealis are no exception. Existing since 2005, this is their second release so far. To tag their sound proved a rather difficult job mostly because the band manages to transform their style, and explore various paths in their music. One can say that they are a Power Metal band, but have in mind that their music is closer to the Classic Metal. And, this is the most important, they incorporate enough Progressive elements into their music, something that makes their sound a bit more complex, but in a very fluent and natural way. There are enough melodies here, the vocals are warm and well worked, and the various background growls somehow add to the whole result. If you are a fan of Progressive, then there's enough things to enjoy in this album. If you like melodic and catchy sing-along moments, virtuoso guitar parts, they are also here. But everything is in the correct dose, creating a well balanced, and perfectly performed album. So don't get fooled by their short existence as a band, and give these guys a chance. You won't regret it.


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