Wednesday, June 29, 2011

DEADEND IN VENICE - See You On The Ground

This is the first release of the German oriented band, which exists since 2008. The band is playing a mixture of Melodic Death Metal, with very interesting Thrashy riffs. The band is trying to create their own sound, combining semi growling with clear female vocals, something most of the times is intriguing, and a solid rhythm section. The music is melodic enough, well performed and has enough ideas which the band explored as good as possible. The production is as clear and powerful as needed and helps the music very much. For a debut effort, it's rather good, and shows the talent of the band. But, there are also things that could be done in a better way, for example the male vocals that on some moments are not as brutal and powerful as needed. Nevertheless, the band seems to have enough ideas, and talent to deliver. If you leave out the small details that need to be polished, you have a quite good album. An a promise for a better future.


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