Saturday, June 04, 2011


I have started to worry very much with these guys. How can happen a band like Def Leppard hasn’t released a live album all these years? We are talking about a group most of their life performances are sold out(or all of them?!). So they have to give to the millions of their fans around the world, the chance to feel a little bit of the pulse and energy that comes out at the live shows of the band. And here it is. After 34 years of existence, the first live album of Def Leppard is true event. I don’t have a lot of things to say about the quality of their shows. I think that those that have seen them alive, are very lucky. Don’t get deceived of the band members age. These old wolfs know very well the way of rocking alive and they prove it jubilantly in this release. All the songs are been played perfectly! They sound pretty stiff and solid. All the instruments cooperate ideally including the voice of Elliot and they give a beautiful musical result. The production also is very clear, although I would prefer to listen more the vibes of the audience. The choice of the songs is very good and I think that covers all the second period of the band, when they left the NWOBHM sound and they became one of the biggest hard rock bands worldwide. The album can operate very well as a best of album especially for those that haven’t had any contact with the group. For those that know them, memories will take us a trip back in time when we were young and wild. Invest to a reliable value.


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