Monday, June 06, 2011

NECROVOROUS - Funeral For The Sane

Those good fellas here exist since 2005 and are coming from Greece. With a name like that only Brutal Death Metal would be the most fitting style. So, they are brutal enough, and they are good at it. There are no weak points here, only aggression and distorted music. With an oldfashioned feeling in their sound, a strong and solid rhythm section, and the appropriate growling vocals, this band shows that it has all it takes to create music that would bring memories to the old school fans. The song structures are rather complex, with an equal dose of fast and mid tempo moments, but also with some slow parts here and there. What makes this band quite unique is that they have a Doom touch into their music, mostly created by the suffocating feeling that the slower part put into their music, something that makes things a little catchier and diverse. The production is good enough, preserving the feeling of the music. With the album being the first full length of the band, and with all songs moving on a quite good quality level, I am sure that more would come from these guys in the future. If you like early Death stuff, do check them out.


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Temple of Abomination said...

Bought the vinyl edition from Blood Harvest Records. Great release. Recommended!