Sunday, June 26, 2011

SYMPHONY X - Iconoclast

The new album of the band is here, and it's a concept album talking about the growing reliance of modern humanity to technology. It's really hard not to like this album, and I don't consider myself one of their biggest fans. So, what's the deal here you might ask. First of all, the songs are big, with only one being just five minutes long, complex in nature, but the progression on each song is done in a wise way, that won't mind anyone. What's more interesting here is that the band is choosing a harder way in this album, something that makes this release easier to get into. There is an excellent guitar work, and some of the riffs are absolutely breathtaking. The same goes to the keyboards, who manage to give a depth to the music, and serve the atmosphere of the whole concept. The melodies are plenty and perfectly written and the vocals great and fitting to the music, often reminding of late Ronnie James Dio. There's not a single thing that sounds out of place, or not worked to the last detail. The addition of various other elements, manages to give each song its own trademark. The album has various layers, and with each listening reveals different things to the listener. One of those albums that a perfect score 10 really seems not enough.


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