Monday, July 11, 2011

BURZUM - Fallen

It's been less than a year since Burzum's last full length "Belus". "Fallen" shows a charismatic Varg (both in clean vocals and aggressive howls that are less chaotic than in the past if not nonexistent!) with lots of interesting ideas. The album blows an air of melancholy which in combination with the long repetitive musical themes gushes a dismal rage. The atmosphere in "Fallen" is really amazing that with the help of a quite good production travels me to the most arcane ritual dreams reminding me something similar to the first Bathory releases. "Budstikken" is a song that broke my soul into pieces with its majestic passages and the unholy guitar riffs filled with Norwegian pride and morbidity. Amazing! An eerie feeling is widespread to most of the parts of "Fallen", Burzum's trademark, indeed. Everything is here and certainly I did not expected more. Burzum's newest effort, hypnotizes the listener by transmitting us submissions and once all our conscious focus on the darkness that this album emits, it will immerse you where fear attracts fear...

Review by Mat


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