Monday, July 25, 2011


Sepultura is a band that has seen enough debate around their name, mostly because of their music directions followed by the departure of Max Cavalera. Nevertheless, after numerous releases, and touring, the band strikes back with their first album in Nuclear Blast. I was quite skeptical, mostly because I was not aware of their previous works, but soon my fears had gone away. Or so I thought. The album starts with a punch in the face, and some straightforward Thrash comes out of the speakers. The band delivers what you expect, and we, the listeners, continue to rub our hands with anticipation of what's to come. And in general, what comes was not that bad, it's brutal, groovy, and makes you move your head along with the rhythm. But, there are a few moments where things go out of hand, or simply the band wants to experiment, but the result doesn't seem so fitting. The production is excellent, heavy and clear enough, and helps the music very much. Very good musicianship, equally good performance, including Derrik Green, who sings in various ways, and does it in a very good way. What we liked, is that the performance and songwriting reminds sometimes of the old days. Edgy riffs, groovy sounds and killer rhythm section. We liked songs like MASK or SPECTRUM. What we don't like are the 30 second fillers, and the moments that sound a bit out of place. Get a chance to listen to this album, and participate in the debate that will follow.


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