Monday, July 18, 2011


Sometimes it's really hard to get amazed by a new release, or even surprised by what you listen. With so many releases, a band has to be really creative and have a interesting vision, to create something unique. This British band is one of those cases, at least their vision of music seems promising. They are trying to combine extreme music with orchestral parts, that often enough resemble of a metalized soundtrack. First of all, every single member of the band is very technical, and this is very good for the nature of their music. Second they have enough good ideas, and they are trying to explore them to the maximum. And last, but not least, the production of this album is clear enough and preserves the theatrical feeling the band wants to give to their music. Their work is rather difficult to tag, imagine something like Death Metal with a film score in the background, melodic, complex and groovy, aggressive and technical. Too damn difficult, but who really cares? Not an album for anyone, but if you are open minded, and listen carefully, more than just a couple of times, then there are plenty of things to discover.


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