Wednesday, August 03, 2011

DECAPITATED - Carnival Is Forever

Poland has a long history in Death Metal, and this band is a big part of it. Their story started when they assaulted the ears of an unsuspecting audience back in the late 90's and could be the dream of every young Metal fan. But the band proved that their success was not a favor of luck, but the result of hard work, musical studies and inspiration. The band is playing Death Metal, with a lot of changes into each song, something that makes each tune a very interesting surprise. The band is technical enough, something that helps the music very much, and prevents it from becoming repetitive. The songs are quite good, and there are equal amounts of brutality, Thrash riffs, melodies, and aggression, all blended wisely into a powerful mixture. The music is catchy enough, and has a groove that makes you move you head along with it, in no time. The production is perfect, as heavy as should be, polished enough, but not destroying the energy of their music. Maybe there was a strong line up change, due to the car accident that stopped the life of Vogg's brother, and put the band in a hiatus, but now it seems that the band is back, as strong as ever, with enough nice ideas, and some of the most innovative Death Metal. If you are a fan of Death Metal, check these guys out. Their credits are good, and this new release is just another proof of it.


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