Wednesday, August 03, 2011

HACKNEYED - Carnival Cadavre

The release of these German band is their third so far, and their first in their new label Lifeforce Records. They started back in 2006 being a band of young metalheads, but don't get fooled by the young of their age. They are good at what they do, and this album is fun to listen to from the first to the last minute. The band is playing Death Metal, enriched with tons of Thrash guitar works, and as you can imagine, this can only make things better. Starting from the first song, what catches the attention is the groove they have into their music. The band is quite talented, and this is obvious not only on their performing but also in their songwriting skills. They created songs that are catchy, with nice basic melodies here and there, enough energy, and a good production. The rhythm section is very good, specially the drummer, but a very nice job has also been done by the female bassist. They might be young, but have the talent, the ideas, and the will, to create music that will torture your necks for quite some time. If you like Death Metal and you fancy the Teutonic rhythm section that bands from Germany have, then this is an album that you should check. They are not inventing the wheel, but their version works exactly as it's supposed to.


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