Thursday, August 18, 2011

LOCKUP - Necropolis Transparent

This is the third album of the Grindcore super band, about nine years after their latest release. The band has suffered the loss of Jesse Pintado, but seems to be back as strong and as brutal as ever. The album starts like a punch in the teeth and doesn't stop until it leaves you bleeding on the floor. It consists on 40 minutes of pure energy and aggression, but also skilled musicianship and performance. The drum works done by Nickolas Barker are amazing, the vocals of Tomas Lindberg are as excellent as they were on their previous work, the guitars and the rhythm section are also very good, and the guest appearances of Peter Tagtgren, and Jeff Walker can only spice things even more. The mixing of Andy Sneap gives an extra perspective to the whole music, and is another strong point of the album. Unlike many of the releases of this style, there are no weak points here, or moments that the music sounds indifferent or repetitive. The music is intense, brutal and aggressive, but also catchy and groovy enough, to stick to your mind. If Grindcore is your favorite style of music, and you liked their previous works, then get ready for a blast. Cause this time, Lock Up are back and they are back for good. Not for the weak.


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