Thursday, August 25, 2011

SENCELLED - Senselled

I've always a good opinion for music that has a positive vibe, and this Swedish band is a perfect example of such a melody driven band. Their music gives you a happy feeling, that works very well, from the first to the last minute of the album. The band is playing a very radio friendly kind of Rock, melodic and catchy, with the elements of 90's rock and AOR, being the most obvious ones. The music is well written, with enough interesting parts, and what's the most important is that it's catchy and has a way to sneak into your mind. So, there's no surprise that after a few moments, you will find yourself singing along, and moving your head along with the groove. But don't get fooled, cause these guys not only know how to play, and also know how to compose. There are moments like the ballad "Oh Sarah" where the melodies strongly remind the kind of ballads Hard Rock bands used to create back in the late 80's, but given in a more modern perspective. The album has no weak points, and if you are a fan of Melodic music, this one will please you enough. If you like to sing along, tap you steering wheel while driving, and seeking for a band to give you a good mood while going to work, seek no more. Senselled are great for the job, and tested for a while from our crew.


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