Wednesday, August 10, 2011

VOODOO HIGHWAY - Broken Uncle's Inn

This is the first release of the Italian quintet, that exists as a band since 2010. According to the newsletter, the band is playing Hard Rock, and they are quite good at it. Their music is a mixture of Hard Rock, with enough 70's elements, nice melodies, catchy moments, parts to sing along, and move your head with the rhythm. The band is talented enough and their songs are catchy, with some nice ideas, that they explored as much as possible. The production is clear enough, giving a modern perspective to their somehow old fashioned music mix, and is another plus for the album. The most important thing though, besides good musicianship is the vibe of the music on this album. Everyone knows that this kind of Rock has to be fun, and this is also the case here. This album is fun, uplifting, and makes you have a great time. It's one of those albums that is an ideal companion when driving, or having some beers with friends at a bar. No matter if this is their first full length, the band has managed to create an album that serves it's purpose, and for that it can be described as a successful one. Judging from the nature of the music though, a live performance would also be interesting. If Hard Rock is your game, you might consider checking Voodoo Highway's view.


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