Tuesday, September 13, 2011

COMMUNIC - The Bottom Deep

This is the fourth studio release of the Norwegian band, and I am sure that all fans of the band are already eager to reveal it's secrets. The band is playing a style of music that borrows elements from both Power Metal and Progressive, but combine them into a style than they can proudly call their own. First of all, this is not an easy album, although it contains moments that are catchy and straightforward. It will need more than just a listening or two to bring all the details of the music to the surface, and to explore the musical genius of it's creators. Whether slow and melodic, or more groovy and Heavy, everything is happening in a natural way, that will please even the listeners that Progressive is not their favorite style. The musicians are excellent, capable of delivering such a demanding task. A great work has also been done in the vocals, which cover a wide range and fit perfectly with the style of each song. The songs are well written, with no weak points, with a dark atmosphere spread around the album, and all the ideas that the band has, are explored to the maximum. A powerful production comes and completes the album in the way it deserves, and preserves all the details of the music. If you like Power Metal with a progressive touch, Sanctuary and Nevermore are amongst your favorite bands or you are a fan of Classic Heavy Metal, then this is a band you have to check out. Great work guys.


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