Friday, September 02, 2011


This band is the brainchild of Ian Parry, also famous for his work with Elegy, Ayreon and Vengeance amongst others, and celebrates over 25 years of career and 21 albums released so far. This is the last of the Consortium Project series, and is a release that won't disappoint any of the fans. The music here has a lot of different elements blended all together into a powerful and intriguing mixture. There's variety here, something that works for the album, and makes it even more enjoyable to the listeners. Some songs are closer to Power Metal, others have a more Progressive form, but all have mighty melodies, and excellent musicianship. If you followed the previous four releases, you will find that this time things are notably Heavier, something that Parry wanted to do on purpose, and so are the female vocals, which used to emphasize the result of the pentalogy. As with their previous releases, the guest musicians are top class, and couldn't be done otherwise, consisting the demanding style of music. The production is perfect, heavy and clear enough, and brings all the details of the album to the surface. Despite the fact that there are songs straightforward enough, the whole album needs cautious listening to explore all it's details. And with each listening, you will find even more things to like.


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