Saturday, September 03, 2011

Download the FREE 2011 Labor Day Sampler


In honor of Labor Day weekend, Victory Records and have unleashed a FREE sampler packed with songs from their reigning bands of heavy music. The sampler is now available for download on

Take 15% off of your next order at the Victory Records Webstore with a special discount code revealed once the download is complete. Go all out this weekend by head-banging and air guitaring to the heaviest metal around -- all for FREE!

Track listing
1. God Forbid- Where We Come From (DEMO TRACK)
2. Pathology- Media Consumption (In stores Sept. 13)
3. Jungle Rot- Rise Up and Revolt
4. Ringworm- Used Up, Spit Out
5. Within the Ruins- Invade
6. Carnifex- Scope of Obsession (from "Hell Chose Me," "Until I Feel Nothing" in stores Oct. 25)
7. Blackguard- Farewell (as seen on EA Sports NHL 2012)
8. OTEP- Atom to Adam
9. Design the Skyline- Crystal Swords Kill the Hordes
10. Emmure- Children of Cybertron
11. Dr. Acula- Party 2.0
12. Sister Sin- Outrage
13. Destrophy- Cry Havoc
14. ll Nino- Against the Wall
15. Counterparts- (You Think You're) John Fucking Locke (non-album track, The Current to Will Carry Us, in stores October 25)
16. Throwback MOSH- Snapcase- Typecast Modulator

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