Wednesday, September 28, 2011


The band was formed back in the late 80's and is active since then, except a hiatus taken the mid 90's to the dawn of the new century. The band, for those unfamiliar with their sound plays a mixture of Hard Rock enriched with tons of AOR elements, the kind of music meant to be played to big stadiums and venues. From the first listening the album shows that the band wants to create a sound back to their roots, and this attempt can be described as successful. Huge songs, full of the trademarks of the band, from the first to the last minute. Well written songs, full of nice melodies, excellent musicianship, parts to sing along, and memorable choruses. The vocals of James Christian are better than ever, the rhythm section is solid and tight, and the keyboards are simply excellent. The atmosphere of the album is pure 80's, and the help of long time friend Mark Baker helped in the creation of such a retro feeling. The production is great, crystal clear, and is a big plus for releases such as this. For a fan of this kind of music, an album full of such excellent songs, with the addition of a couple of killer radio friendly ballads, this album is a must have. And if you add the perfect performance of each of the band members, you get the whole picture.


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