Monday, September 05, 2011

MORBUS CHRON - Sleepers In A Rift

The story of this band starts back in 2007 in Sweden, and this is their first full length release so far. The band is playing Death Metal, but nothing close to what Swedish Metal sounds today. Instead imagine a mixture of old-fashioned Thrash music, with screaming vocals, that are a blend of Black and Death Metal, a very dark atmosphere and enough melodies here and there. The result is rather strange, raw and primitive, but addictive and catchy. I am not sure if they are experienced musicians or now trying to establish a sound of their own, but they have good things in their music, that fans of the extreme might like. Judging from the track titles, but also partially from the cover art, their song lyrics, or some of them, must have been inspired by the work of Lovecraft, something that I also find fitting with the atmosphere of the music. The production is quite good, clear enough, and manages to preserve the feeling. A band with potential, with enough good moments, enough nice ideas, and a very interesting approach in their music. If you put aside some less good moments, you have a raw album that gives them a promising future.


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