Saturday, September 03, 2011

PATHOLOGY - Awaken To The Suffering

Pathology is a band that exists from 2006, and this is their fourth release so far and their second in Victory Records. The band is playing a Brutal mixture of Death Metal with enough Grind and some Thrash elements, something that will bring chills to the spine of the fans. Pathology not only manages to deliver their music but to showcase their performing skills as well. The rhythm section is tight as a rock, the drummer is great, either on slower parts, or when the band is accelerating, and the guitar solos are melodic, technical and complex enough. The vocals are the kind of growls one should expect from such a style, low pitched, like coming from the depths or from a grave, and fitting perfectly with the music. Whats amazing is their ability to create groovy songs, catchy and full of energy, with a variety of tempos, without becoming boring, or repetitive. There are even some melodies here and there, that create a nice contradiction with the blast-beats and the growling. A very good and clean production completes the album in the best possible way, and gives some extra credits to the whole result. It's brutal, aggressive, and feels like a kick in the stomach. Not for the weak.


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