Thursday, October 27, 2011

ABOMINATION - Abomination/Tragedy Strikes

Abomination was formed back in the 80's by Paul Speckmann, of Master and Krabathor fame. This release is not a new album, but their first two full length, one EP which was released in 1999, and some rare demos, all packed together into a very interesting offer. The band is playing a mixture of Death and Thrash, and bears all the trademarks of this style. The songs are quite good, all moving to the same speedy tempos, and the semi-brutal vocals are fitting perfectly with the music. What is intriguing though, is the variety that exists in some of the songs. But there's also a more groovy, less fast, but equally brutal sound, reaching the surface in more than just a couple of times. That somehow can be explained from the time spanning between the full length albums and the much later EP stuff.  With distorted guitars, double base drums, fast solos, often reminding of the style of Possessed, tons of energy and an early Slayer feeling in the music, this album will please all fans of 80's Thrash, while their primitive Death Metal will also appeal to fans as well. If you are one of those that lived that era, or you want to have a package with all the stuff Abomination had released, then check this out. Some less good moments , might prevent it from being a perfect release, but the overall is very good. So, get a copy, put it on your favorite playing media, and get ready for some serious headbanging.


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