Thursday, October 20, 2011

AS THEY BURN - Aeon's War

This band is coming from France and this is their second, if I am not mistaken, album so far, after a release of an EP. Their music is a weird mixture of various influences, all wrapped up into a very peculiar and intriguing style. They are playing a kind of Metal, full of melodies and groovy guitars, brutal vocals and tons of headbanging parts, very close to what Deathcore sounds like. Brutality and aggression are existing here in huge amounts, and this is the first impression of the listener. But if you read between the lines, there are various other influences from Black Metal to progressive and psychedelic twisting and trying to get to the surface. The music is moving on well known paths, but doesn't afraid to take advantage of every single opportunity to explore various territories, while the vocals are also moving from screaming and growling to clear ones, creating or enhancing the atmosphere the music creates. The guitars are great, some of the riffs here are super catchy and groovy, and so good is the rhythm section in general. I am not sure if I would be able to describe this music to someone, but what I know is that this album contains enough fresh ideas, and shows a band that doesn't know any borders. Add to this, their ability to support their vision technically, and you get the whole picture. Not an easy album, although it might sound like that from the first listening. It takes it's time to reveal it's secrets, and worth every minute of it.


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