Monday, October 17, 2011


These guys here need no introduction, since everyone is aware of who they are, and, most important, what they are capable of. This is the first time, these two join their skills into an album, and the result meets the expectations of the most demanding fan. The music is Melodic Rock, with crunchy guitars, nice ideas, perfect parts to sing along, and is definitely dominated by the superb vocals of the two singers. There is no single less good moment here, from the ballads, to the more groovy moments, and both Bobby and Jimi are giving a perfect performance, coloring the songs with their vocal melodies. But since two singers alone are not a guarantee for a good album, the song writing has been arranged by experts of the genre, and the production was done by Mat Sinner, who is also responsible for the bass guitar. Aiming for a more adult audience, where memories from the big hits of Toto and Survivor are still alive, but also for fans who can admire and appreciate well arranged and performed Melodic Rock, this album is destined for success. It has all the trademarks of both singers, fine and catchy music, crystal clear production, and a good variety of songs and styles for everyone. So if Melodic stuff is you favorite, get ready to be amazed.


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