Thursday, October 06, 2011

CIPHER SYSTEM - Communicate The Storms

The new release of the Swedish Death Metal act, comes almost seven years after their previous one, and finds the band progressed in every possible way. One might thing what more has the Swedish Death Metal scene has to offer, but this is a question put in the wrong direction. This album shows that innovation and fresh ideas do exist, and shows that a band with the skills to write good music, and realize their ideas, has a chance to create something truly amazing. Cipher System are no newcomers, and this is obvious from the first minute. Managing to create an album that dwells between brutality and melodies, with both being a vital part but not dominating each other, the listening of each song is pure fun. The combination of clear and brutal vocals, the excellent music carpet that the keyboards create, the drums that also great and the guitar melodies and riffs, all blend together in a wise way, creating songs that are not repetitive or boring. The production is perfect, shinny and clear enough, and the cover art was done by Seth Siro Anton. With parts to bang along with the rhythm, enough complexity into each song, no weak points or things that could have been done better, things seem promising for the band. And the fact that took them so long to release an album, shows that every aspect of it is worked to the slightest detail. Enjoy it loud!    


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