Tuesday, October 18, 2011

IRON SAVIOR - The Landing

Four years have passed since the release of Megatropolis, and the Germans are back with a release that will once again please all their fans. I have been a huge fan of the band since their early steps, and enjoyed the atmosphere their music had back then, so I was a bit curious of this album as well. It seems that Piet Sielck has not lost the touch of creating music that is catchy and powerful enough. The music is Power Metal, perfectly performed, full of nice melodies, a battering rhythm section, amazing drum works by Thomas Nack, great guitars, and the distinguished vocals of Piet Sielck. The songs are very good, blending Power Metal, with enough traditional Metal stuff, making this album a bit more heavy than their first works, but still containing the same trademarks of their music. The production, clear and heavy enough, is as shinny as should be, but also preserves the atmosphere of the music as well. What we liked more is the fact that the music is catchy from the first minute, and the band seems to have a good time while performing, something that you can feel while listening to this album. Based on well known materials, with enough new ideas, great musicianship, and equally good performance, this album will also become a favorite for the fans of the band, but also for those seeking a good Power Metal album.


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Manos said...

Why not 10/10 ??