Thursday, October 06, 2011

LIVARKAHIL - Signs Of Decay

This is the second full length album from the French Death Metal quintet that exists since 2007. The band is playing Death Metal, brutal and in your face, with enough twists though, something that gives an extra potential to their music. The first thing we noticed is that their music combines various other influences, and this leaves a good feeling in the end. Being skilled musicians, they manage to incorporate influences from Black Metal, enough industrial elements here and there, enough melodies and a groovy feeling that creates catchy rhythms from the first to the last minute. The vocals are brutal and powerful enough, with a distinguished sound, the guitars are very good, and the rhythm section is simply perfect. The album is a concept talking about religion autocracy. The songs are well written, with enough interesting ideas, enough variety in their forms, and enough surprises to make this album very interesting. Not an average Death Metal release, it's well arranged from every aspect, carefully prepared from the band, doesn't follow any specific rules or paths, and will make all their fans happy. So, if you want to hear something brutal, aggressive and technical, complex but well performed and innovative enough, then give this a spin and you won't regret.


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