Thursday, October 13, 2011

NINE COVENS - On The Coming Of Darkness

Nine Covens is band that hails from UK, and the newsletter says that consists on former and current members of some of the most important extreme bands of the past decade. This shed no light to the origin or the capabilities of the members, but this album has nothing to do with light in general. The band is playing Black Metal, and does it in a very oldfashioned and bleak way. Vocals that come from deep under, sharp guitar riffs that create a bleak atmosphere, the necessary blastbeating and a sense of melody that bring shivers to the spine. To spice things up, there's enough Thrash and old school Death elements, well spread here and there, and this gives an extra variety to the whole album. Being anonymous or not, the talent is obvious, and the band has managed to create some very good songs, with enough melodic parts, clear vocals, interesting ideas, although they didn't avoid some repetitive moments that don't spoil the whole fun though. The production is as dark and ominous as this album, fitting perfectly with the mood and the atmosphere of the music. Black Metal with an attitude, from a band that doesn't hesitate to explore musical paths, although not far away from the main road. A promising debut.


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