Tuesday, October 04, 2011

SINNER - One Bullet Left

With every Sinner album you know exactly what to expect, and this is nothing less that top class Metal. Starting from the first minute, the band shows that this album will become another milestone in their long career. With a distinguished sound, the listener knows what lies ahead, but the band still holds a couple of surprises carefully spread here and there. The music is a mixture of Power Metal with enough Classic stuff, and the addition of a third guitarist makes their sound more solid than before. The songs have enough melodies, parts to sing along, catchy choruses and are well worked and perfectly arranged. What's more enjoyable is the fact that there's some variety in the songs, some being closer to the Teutonic school, and others closer to more classic forms, but everything is well written, with nice ideas and even better musicianship. Add to all these, the clear and powerful production that was done by Mat Sinner, and you get the whole picture. The album smells fun from the beginning, shows that the band really enjoyed every minute of it, and this is also the feeling you get while listening to it. No matter how big or well known the band is, this album is honest, as much as their previous releases were, and this the big plus. So, sit back, get a couple of cold beers, some friends, and enjoy it really loud.


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