Tuesday, October 25, 2011

SIR REG - A Sign Of The Times

First of all I have to say that this is not a Metal album, although it contains enough distorted guitars. If you are a die hard Metal fan, then this might not appeal to you. But if you are openminded, then let's start. I am not sure why, but Folk music has a strange affection on me, and often enough I find myself turning back to Folk tunes that I like. Sir Reg is a band that comes from Sweden, with a singer that is Irish, and are playing a Rock music dominated by Celtic Folk. The result is a music that is both fun to listen to, and catchy enough. The most important thing here is the nature of the music. It's catchy and groovy, there's enough harder times, where the guitars are more heavy, enough parts to sing along, and you will often find yourself tapping the floor and moving your head along with the rhythm. Flutes, bouzouki, and violins, enhance the Folk feeling, and raise the fun to heavens. This is their second album so far, but the band exists and performs live since 2001. The production is great, heavy and powerful enough and preserves the pub atmosphere that the music creates. What I like on this one, is that the music has a way to transfer you to the nearest Irish pub, put you on the bar and serve you some beer for a start. Pure fun and up-tempo in every single minute, with excellent musicianship, and a distinctive Irish feeling, this album is a favorite. For Irish people around the globe, and for people who can appreciate good music. Cheers.


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