Monday, October 10, 2011

THREAT SIGNAL - Threat Signal

The band exists since 2003 and this is their third album so far. While starting to listen to it, the term Modern Death Metal caught my eye, and I was quite curious of what would follow. Hailing from Canada, is a plus for this band, as some of my favorite and most intriguing bands are from this country. So, the band is playing Death Metal, only they do it in a very unique and personal way, that leaves a good feeling at the end. Blending Thrash with brutality, growls and a very technical style of playing, the band creates music that is both unique and fun to listen to. With no less good moments, very interesting riffs, melodies that enrich the songs without sacrificing aggression, and vocals that vary from growling to clear ones, the music is catchy and addictive from the first minute. But, as the listening progresses, more and more of the hidden details come to surface, and this makes this album even better. The production is crystal clear but doesn't destroy the feeling of the music in any way. The variety in music is also a plus, with excellent musicianship and all their influences so well combined, that will leave satisfied even the most demanding fan. If you are out for Death Metal that has an attitude and an unique approach to music, then Threat Signal might be what you are looking for.


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