Monday, November 28, 2011

ANCIENT BARDS - Soulless Children

The new album of the Italian Melodic metal band, finds them continuing to perform music in the style of their debut album. The band exists since 2007 and this is their second album so far, and judging from their debut, one can see that their improvement is vast. Their music is more worked, their melodies are more catchy, and their songs are moving on higher quality levels. Performing Symphonic Power Metal, one needs to avoid cliche, or try to make them work in favor of their music, something that the band achieves with ease. Plenty of well worked melodies, excellent female vocals, complex keyboard lines, and a fast and solid rhythm section, all combined into a very welcome result. Being skilled musicians, they are able to realize their musical vision, with no weak points, or things that could have been done in a better way. The Epic atmosphere is strong, enriched by the choirs and keyboard melodies, and adds a lot to the whole result. But along with that the band doesn't afraid to flirt with some more complex and progressive forms in their songs, leading to the last track which is a 15 minute song. The production is crystal clear, the one should be expected from a release such as this, and puts the final details to the album. Maybe not the most original music ever, but the band has taken advantage of those similarities to shape a sound that is well performed, full of nice melodies, guitar shredding, catchy vocals, and interesting ideas. If you are one of those that liked their previous work, or you like Melodic Power, then hesitate no more, and check them out.


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