Wednesday, November 16, 2011

BUCK SATAN & THE 666 SHOOTERS - Bikers Welcome! Ladies Drink For Free

If you are not aware of the music of the band, then nothing can prepare you for that. Although not from the US, I can't overlook the fact that Country is a style of music with a huge and addictive groove in it. So, this band, is the brainchild of Al Jourgensen from Ministry, and is playing Country performed in his own perspective. The result is an album full of melodies, with lyrics having a strong sense of humor, talking about women, bikes, booze, bars and good time with friends. Along with the original Metal musicians, there are banjos, fiddles, cellos and mandolins, and this makes the music even more diverse and intriguing. So, what you have here can be tagged as a Country album performed through Metal filters, or a Metal album done by Country musicians, but no matter how you call it, it's well played. It has catchy grooves, very good melodies, harsh vocals, and gifted musicianship. Along with Al, there are musicians from Static-X, Cheap Trick, and Rigor Mortis, but equal good musicianship can also be heard from those playing banjos, fiddles and mandolins. The songs are very good, with no less good moments, or things that could be done in a better way. I understand that this album might not be enough Metal for the majority of the fans, and I guess it might not be enough Country for the fans of the genre. But to me, it sounds like a ambitious, inspired and humorous enough, effort to create an album that combines two different styles of music, into a style the band calls Countrycore. Check it out and decide for yourselves.


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