Monday, November 21, 2011


What to say about those Germans, and how to explain their music to those that haven't heard any of their songs before? First we have to say that the band moves on various styles, and does it fluently, incorporating various influences into a very groovy and interesting mixture. There's Rock, there's Thrash, there's Folk, and everything in between, all mixed up in the cauldron of the band, and served in this album, for the daring and open minded to taste. The personality of Fuchs, the singer, dominates the music, but it also takes the performing skills of each band member to accomplish their musical vision. The songs are chosen very carefully, with no less good ones, and this is also a big plus for the compilation. Best of albums are ideal for fans that want to have a quick review of the work of a band, or want to see the progression of a band through each release. Nevertheless, this album is also a good release, even if you are a fan, since it contains plenty of favorite tunes all together. But let me tell you, if you are not familiar with their sound, open your mind, and expect everything. Cause their music is so full of twists and turns, that won't let you rest for a minute.


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