Tuesday, November 08, 2011

HARDCORE SUPERSTAR - The Party Ain't Over 'Til We Say So

Hardcore Superstar is a band that comes from Sweden, and despite their name states, they are not into any kind of Hardcore. The band exists for about a decade now, and this is a compilation of their best songs in their career, plus a new track, which was put as a first track, and trust me, it's the perfect opener. The band is playing music that is heavily inspired by the 80's, and the listener will find enough inspiration from bands like Gun's and Roses and mostly Motley Crue. Elements from Thrash can also be heard in their early work, and still are blended together in their latest songs, creating a style they call Street Metal, and enriching the whole result. This brings two words in mind, one being Energy, and the other being Party. The music is pure fun to listen to, while driving or while drinking beers with friends at a local bar. Melodies are plenty here, and make the songs catchy and groovy enough, while the vocals are fitting perfectly with the feeling of the music. The choice of songs is very good, and gives a good idea to the listener of what the sound of the band is like, from their first to their latest releases. A good and clear production, preserves both the atmosphere of the music and also brings all the details of the music to the surface. A Best Of is a quick lesson to the music of a band, and this lesson has all it takes to become successful. It's fast, groovy, catchy, well performed, full of power and sticks into your mind. Enjoy.


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