Sunday, November 06, 2011

Siege Of Amida free Sampler

Siege Of Amida Records have now been slogging at it for 5 years…

To celebrate, the label have uploaded a 26 track free downloadable sampler 
for their website, which features exclusive new material from their roster 
as well as new signings Molotov Solution and Boris The Blade (ex The Red Shore).
US Metal crew MOLOTOV SOLUTION's brand new sophomore album 'Insurrection' 
will be released November 14th in Europe, following a license deal inked with 
Blk Heart Group (the band's US label). The track 'Injustice For All' is 
showcased on the sampler.

SOAR's other new signing, BORIS THE BLADE, are an Australian Death Metal
band who feature members of recently split band THE RED SHORE. 
Their new EP 'Tides Of Damnation' is released today digitally.

Track listing 
Boris The Blade- Like Wolves
Diskreet- Graves
Molotov Solution- Injustice For All
Ancient Ascendant- Titan
Ingested- Manifesting Obscenity
Dyscarnate- A Drone In The Hive
As They Burn- City Ov Pyramids
TRC- Blame It On Vegas
Eradication- Fascination In Torture
Against The Flood- Idle Hands
Awaken Demons- Phoenix
The Breathing Process- Metamorphosis
Heart In Hand- Tunnels
Cult Cinema- A Distant And Disconsolate Heart
Shaped By Fate- Give Me Hope
DripBack- Under The Floor
Martyr Defiled- Isolate
Annotations Of An Autopsy- Reznov
Ichor- The Gorgon
The Bridal Procession- Atypical Pestilence
Ageless Oblivion- Time Of The Empty Throne
Betraeus- Towards The Sun (Radio Edit)
Demoraliser- Bitter Springs
Armed For Apocalypse- The Demon Who Makes Trophies Of Men
Waking The Cadaver- Snapped In Half
Terakai- Fractured Skies 
Go and grab your free copy now and get nearly
 2 hours of new music for nada!

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