Wednesday, November 16, 2011


This is the new release of the Norwegian act, and this is their third album so far. Black Metal can be a bit diverse and unique style, with bands exploring new territories, while others prefer to stick to the same path, perfecting their sound with each release. This is what happens here, with the band playing an old-fashioned Black Metal music, with all the trademarks of the style, something that the fans of old school stuff will love. The music was recorded during three nights at the studio, with all the instruments and vocals recorded live, and this captures a lot of the feeling the band wanted to create. There are the fast blast-beating stuff that we all are aware of, but what enhances the dark and ominous atmosphere is the slower and more ritualistic moments, along with some additions from a church organ. In a tempo like that, vocals are chilling, and sound like coming from the depths of Hell, enriching the result to the maximum. The whole package screams old-fashioned, from the cover art, to the dark and suffocating production, everything is like the band decided to take a step back into the mid 90's. With the music being aggressive, dark, and poisonous, and moving into this sick and unholy atmosphere, success is guaranteed. If you are into Black Metal stuff, then this one will definitely meet your needs.


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