Monday, December 05, 2011

FERGIE FREDERIKSEN - Happiness Is The Road

Dennis "Fergie" Frederiksen is well know for his vocals on TOTO but also for the participation in various albums and projects. The release of this album, his second solo, is finishing a very difficult period of time for the artist, who also found the strength to overcome his personal health problems. The music here is a guitar driven Melodic AOR, with songs that are full of emotions and excellent musicianship. The songs are well written, with the vocals dominating everything else, but with all the instruments doing a perfect job. Melodies are plenty and well used, either from the keyboards or the guitars, and are creating the perfect sonic carpet for the vocals to evolve. Frederiksen sounds at top shape, consider what he has been through, and gives a great performance through the whole album, coloring the songs with his distinctive voice. There's a very positive atmosphere, and this works very well for the listener too. The production is clear enough and was done by Dennis Ward who also has done the bass lines on this release. Great AOR melodies, excellent atmosphere, parts to sing along, nice catchy tunes, and a well known singer, are the key parts of this album. If you are into such stuff don't forget to check this album.


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