Monday, December 12, 2011

IRON MASK - Black As Death

The mastermind behind Iron Mask is guitar virtuoso Dushan Petrossi and this is the newest release of the Belgian band, and their fourth in general. Iron Mask are playing Power Metal, enriched with enough symphonic elements, and some Epic stuff. The guitar melodies are taking the leading role on this album, with Dushan giving an excellent performance, slightly dominating the songs, but without becoming tiring or repetitive. Keyboards are also a vital part, and creating a perfect sonic carpet, for the rest of the instruments to evolve, and adding an extra dimension in music. What's more important here though, is the variety of the music, with songs having more Epic elements, others moving on more Classic forms, Hard Rock songs, and a ballad to finish the album. Vocals are also done by no less than Mark Boals, who needs no introduction, and manages with his skills to lift the whole album one level up. The arrangements are good, with enough variety in styles, plenty of nice ideas, that the talent of the band helps to explore to the maximum. Might be an album that aims for fans of Melodic Metal, Neoclassical, or Power Metal, but still, it's an album well composed, well performed, with killer melodies, and superb vocals, and with so few moments that could have been done in a different way, that no one will mind. If you are a fan of the band, or you like Melodic Metal in general, check this band.


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