Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Jack Starr needs no particular recommendations as an artist. This is the seventh record attempt with the Burning Starr band and it has the smell of an old perfume. The years maybe pass by but the war feeling of the veteran warrior still burns! With the ex-Manowar drummer, Rhino by his side, Starr provide us an excellent sample of pure Epic Metal music. The atmosphere drive us back to the glorious 80’s epic years. The guitar work is amazing, sharp and melodic and the rhythm section is tough and steady because of the distinguished drum skills of Rhino. In these elements add the catchy and memorable refrains ideal for live concerts and that's it! Pure, simple, macho, epic! The old warrior still cries out for war! Can you hear the call?

Review done by Nikos



dick wolsifer said...

the production and guitar playing is so good because all of the rhythm guitar and clean guitars as well as some of the lead guitar was all played by robert 'fuji' barbour as well as the majority if not all of the production. bart gabriel had no involvement in any of the recording process in fact he wanted to stop working with the band in jan of 2011 but once he heard the album decided to jump back on board..he simply received a finished product had it mixed and mastered and slapped his name on it. another fine example of people taking credit for others work

Victor said...

I don't know the story behind the recording sessions, so I can't add anything on your comment. Looking further on the info that came along with the album though, I saw that no guitarist name was provided with the rest of the line up.

Still a remarkable album though.