Wednesday, December 14, 2011

LVCIFYRE - The Calling Depths

This band comes from London, and they are playing a kind of Brutal Death Metal that will please all fans of the genre. This is the debut album of the band that exists since 2007, but they are all experienced musicians, and this is obvious from the way the band performs their songs. Despite the style of their music, the melodies are plenty, but not making the sound weaker, instead they give an extra dimension to it. Influences of Thrash exist here and there, and the distorted Possessed-like guitar solos and riffs will make fans grin a bit more. One of the most important thing in their music is the atmosphere, and there is a connection between the cover art, and the sick feeling that the band creates here. Narrations enrich the whole result, and give a more unholy touch to the music. The songs are top class, with enough style changes and perfect musicianship, killer melodies, growls that fit perfectly with the title of the album, and enough ideas that are well explored through the whole album. A clear production helps the music very much, but doesn't destroy the atmosphere of the music, or the brutality of the album. Talented and experienced, the band, managed to create music that combines both the brutality of Death Metal, with enough Black and Thrash influences here and there. Add to all these, the unholy atmosphere that is spread through the album, slowly poisoning the minds, and you get the whole idea. Sick, brutal, suffocating but we liked it. Check it out.


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