Wednesday, December 14, 2011

METALIAN - Rock Solid

As a huge Canadian Metal scene fan, I often find myself amazed by the quality and the unique sound of the bands that come from this part of the US Continent. Metalian is a trio from Quebec, and are playing Classic Heavy Metal, as close to classic as you can imagine, so you wouldn't tag their sound as "unique" but they surely have quality. Their sound is well worked and interesting, and although reminds a lot of the early 80's, has some personal elements as well. The album contains six songs, and all are moving to the same 80's feeling, with their influences of early Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, but also enough influences from NWOBHM being audible here and there. The band is quite talented, and the melodies are plenty yet old-fashioned, since no keyboards are used. The arrangements are good enough, and there are a couple of nice ideas explored, but the style of the music leaves little room for innovation. The production is quite good, also moving on the same feeling as the atmosphere of the music, as heavy as should be, and gives the final touch to the songs. Distorted guitars, screaming vocals, a solid rhythm section, Heavy Metal as it was played in the 80's, and obviously as it continues to be admired by millions of fans and bands worldwide. That's what you will find here, no less no more. If you liked that era of music, or you want to share the vision of the band, check them out. Only harry, since this album is out on a limited print.


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