Thursday, December 22, 2011

NIGHTWISH - Imaginaerum

The announcement of a new release from Nightwish is always a great event. Especially now, because this is the second effort of the group without Tarja behind the microphone and they have to prove that they remain a pioneer band. The first thing I've noticed is the team working of the members. It's like a football team. When you lose your star player, you have to fill the gap with the other players and Nightwish do it successfully.  Tuomas and Marco's talent is absolutely undisputed and they give space for participation to the final result to all band members. Musically you will find everything in this album. An ideal mixture of Power Metal with theatrical and folk(specially Celtic)themes, add some choral elements and you have a sample of great music. I'm warning you! This is not an easy listening release! Listen it several times if you want to discover the greatness of Nightwish music. Try it without fear!!!

Review done by Nikos


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