Tuesday, December 27, 2011

PRIMAL FEAR - Unbreakable

The new brainchild of the German Power Metal will find it's way to the stores the 20th of January next year, and I am sure this is a release that all fans of the band are waiting with anxiety. The new album is moving on the same musical path the band has chosen to follow, and if you ask me, this is a good thing. The first thing to notice is the way Scheepers sings, and there no way not to like it. He manages to transform his vocal style to fit perfectly the music. There's diversity in the album, with songs that are closer to classic Heavy Metal, and others closer to more modern but always straightforward Power Metal, and singing is always fitting. The music has a power of it's own, and manages to creep into your brain, from the first minute of album, till the last note. What's more, the songs are not exactly moving on the same style, although their basic forms are very close, and have a way to travel you back in time, without sounding retro. The production is shinny and clear enough, but doesn't make the music sound fake or less powerful. With absolutely no weak points, lots of catchy moments, plenty of choruses and parts to sing along, superb vocals, and a variety that will please everyone, I think the new album of Primal Fear sets new standards in their work. Fans will enjoy this album, but also open-minded metalheads will recognize the ability of the band to create music that exceeds the limits they set.


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