Monday, December 12, 2011

ROYAL HUNT - Show Me How To Live

The new album of Royal Hunt brings everything back to it's natural position. This is the eleventh release of the Danish band, and this one brings back D.C. Cooper on vocals, something that will please all fans of the band. Royal Hunt are playing a music that is a mixture of Melodic stuff, Progressive, and Heavy Metal but also has a lot of Symphonic elements, something that gives an extra depth to the music. Right from the first minute, the long time fan, and even the occasional listener, will notice that this is an album that will stand the test of time. The songs are very good, varying on styles and tempos, with others moving closer to AOR forms, others being more catchy, with choruses and parts to sing along, but all bearing the excellent vocals of DC Cooper, who dominates the songs with his distinctive voice. The band is in a very creative period, and this is obvious from the compositions, which are all very good, with enough interesting ideas, and top class musicianship. Huge keyboard melodies, vocals that bring chills to your spine, melodic guitars and changes from AOR to Heavy Metal, with vocal choirs and catchy parts are the main characteristics of this album. One small objection about the length of the album, but I also prefer that, from endless intros and fillers here and there. Either being a devoted fan, or a newcomer to their music, this album is a must.


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