Friday, January 06, 2012

BASTARD PRIEST - Ghouls Of The Endless Night

The band exists since 2002 and hails from Sweden, assaulting our ears with their latest flesh ripping opus. Judging from the cover, one can predict what's expecting the listener here, and that is pure and primitive Death Metal, blended with enough Thrash Metal riffs and elements. Their music sounds raw and brutal from the first to the last minute, while the band has incorporated some melodies here and there, and this makes the result even more catchy and intriguing, but without sacrificing the aggression of the music. The vocals are not too brutal, but also not clear enough, and are moving between Death and Thrash, mostly closer to Death, sometimes ritualistic, others more growling, but always fitting perfectly with the music. What I liked most is the variety on this album, since not all songs are moving on the same tempo, and this keeps the listener interested until the end. The band is a duet, with the drummer handling also the vocals, and the other performing all strings, while some guest appearances are also working well for the album. It's primitive, sometimes more raw and old-fashioned than expected, with a production that gives an underground feeling to the music, but it's also full of energy, head-banging moments, enough aggression and good music. If you are into Death Metal stuff, give this guys a hearing, and decide.


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